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Who Can You Trust to Complete Your Deliveries?

Choose a leading freight management and logistics company based out of Brighton, CO serving the entire New Mexico and Rocky Mountain Region

Fast deliveries, flexible scheduling and reliable services - these are all part of the G&Z Transport, LLC guarantee. We provide efficient freight management services in Brighton, CO serving the entire New Mexico and Rocky Mountain Region. With nearly a decade of experience transporting freight, you can count on us to move your materials safely.

Call 303-659-2130 now to hire our freight management specialists.

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Reliable, timely logistics solutions

G&Z Transport , LLC. is one of the largest regional dry bulk trucking companies in the Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona and Wyoming Regions.

Our high quality fleet with an average truck age of less than 3 years is backed by one of the best maintenance programs in the industry, a key component to both keeping our drivers safe and your product moving.

Our agility, dedication to quality, strong record of reliability and overall cost effectiveness has quickly propelled us to being the "go to" provider in the region with strong multi-year relationships with many diverse companies across multiple industries.  We pride ourselves on being the company our clients rely on to get it done.  G &Z Transport approaches each customer as a unique opportunity to plan and execute ever-changing, dynamic bulk logistics.

We look forward to continuing to build strong relationships and Provide the best hauling services in the region.



What They’re Saying

Great company to work. I been with this company for 5 years. The owners take care of their employees, and they treat you great, and great pay.

Raymond Weinstein

I’ve been with G&Z for 3.5 years and I can honestly say I absolutely love working here! I work on the dispatch side of things. I’m so lucky to be apart of the growth of this company!

Chelsi Dawn

I Have worked with G&Z Transport LLC almost 4 Years. Have work in multiple departments. I have enjoyed working with great people, they have great benefits with HSA and 401K. It's a fun family environment. As a whole this company continues to be a leader in every aspect of transportation. I would and have recommend this company for employment I'm currently in the fleet department and can say that they take great care of their equipment and Employee's.

Tammy Pavlik
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Korn Edition #shorts

Korn Edition #shorts

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G&Z Transports New Trucks

G&Z Transports New Trucks

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