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Find a Freight Management Company in Brighton, CO serving the entire New Mexico and Rocky Mountain Region

Trust us to deliver your materials efficiently

Rely on our drivers to ensure that your dry bulk materials are transported safely and delivered on time. Although our business is based in Brighton, CO serving the entire New Mexico and Rocky Mountain Region, we travel throughout Colorado and the Rocky Mountain Region.

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Here at G&Z Transport, we have grown and made a huge footprint up and down the i25 corridor.

 If your transportation needs require materials (such as cement, lime, and fly ash) to be contained from possible outside contaminations, our fleet of pneumatic trailers and trained drivers are efficient, safe and reliable to meet your transportation needs.


Oil Field

G&Z Transport supports the oil field and all the customers with it. Primarily hauling throughout Northern Colorado proppant containers/boxes but it does not stop there! We also haul bulk such as Poz, bentonite and barite for example, and even help out with heavy equipment hauls. We couldn't do what we do today if it wasn't for our professional drivers.   


Special Requests

Always Prepared

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